May 05, 2010

Circumcision...It is ok not to follow a trend.

How often you have found yourself in a situation in which you have so much to say but have to hold back and bit your tongue?

I have to say that those who know me know that this rarely happens to me. I, for the most part tend to speak my mind regardless of who likes it or not. This might very well not be the best practice and some people like it and some don't. And to be honest I've found myself in a place in life in which i will say what i want to say whenever i want to. However, i try to be a little bit more reserve around my work because well if i dont then i'll get fired and we all have bills to pay.

That been said, let me go ahead and say that i am all against circumcision. I have an 8 months old son and when i found out he was going to be a "he" i inquired about it. My doctor said that there was no actual medical reason or benefit to have it done other than religious reasons or to make it look "pretty". I will apologize in advance for what I'm about to say, but that is some bullshit!

Come on now! You mean to tell me that i'm going to make my newborn child undergo such pain just because i want his penis to be pretty!

First of all let me say that as a mom i dont need "it" to be pretty, ok. I will be looking at it for a limited amount of time and unless there is something really wrong with me phychologically why in the hell will i be worry on how pretty or not it looks.

That been said let me also say that as a parent i have the right to make constructive important decisions in regards to my child and this does not seem to be one of them. Come on now, we are supposed to make decisions that will have a great impact on their lives and this impact is supposed to be the best possible decision for them, not the opposite. Decisiding if your child should have a brain tumor removed or not is an important decision. making his penis look pretty is not.

Today at my job, i encounter a woman who is pregnant. She has a daughter and was hoping for a boy this time around. While with her the circumcision theme came up and her answer was "oh, i am soo getting that done because without it ""that thing"" looks soo ugly, euff!!"

Are you serious?!? Have you done any reseach? Have you consulted a doctor? Do you know that there are any benefits to it?

 NO!! So why in the world have you already made such an important decision for your child, why not get informed. Why not get all the details and then make a decision.

We read books about pregnancy, we do prenatal yoga. We take time to inquire about the different birthing methods and even take tours of the hospital were we are planning to deliver that baby. We do the most extensive search for the perfect baby name but when it comes to such an important live changing surgery we take such a lightly decision. Why don't we get informed. Why don't we think about it and realize that we are not allowing our kids to make this decision on their own.

If one day my son wakes up and feels that his penis is not as pretty as he dreamed it then he could go on and get it done. Heck, I might even help him pay for it but her would have been old enough to have an informed decision and the consequences of it. I would just be glad I didnt follow a trend, that I followed my heart.