August 30, 2011

Day 29, my support system!

It might sound repetitive but God is my number one support, he never leaves my side even when I´m moody.

My mom comes right after because she is there for me no matter what. I have been up high and down low and she is ALWAYS there. When I was in my teen years she told me that a mother is the only person that would always be there, that friends come and go but your mom rarely leaves your side.
And if those words would had been the winning lotery numbers I would be a millionaire today!

My husband believe it or not is always there for me, even when times are rough and we might even be mad at each other he listens to my crazy ideas, contributes to my crazy ideas and helps me make my crazy dreams come true! I´ve got a bunch of friends (and you know who you are because I call you at all times of the day) who help me make it throw scratch free...

Aide ;)
Smile… it´s free!

August 29, 2011

Day 28th, What is in my Bag?

Uhm Good question?! My I-touch, my glasses, a daily pad (Yes, I  did said pad, and I´m well aware that we women dont even mention that, but hey this is the 21th century), my laptop, phones, a hair clippy, pen, pencil, wallet, coin purse, a book that I almost dont get time to read and some candy that I steal from my kids. From time to time I carry wipes and diapers plus junk food...I know nothing interesting!

Aide ;)
Smile… it´s free!

Wow that is what I call commitment!

I came across this post today from a blogger I started to follow because she is on her way to losing weight and I admire her because she´s actually doing it!

I have said I´m going to do it but never actually DO  something, i never get to the gym or wake up early to exersise, dont do yoga or use any of the equipment I´ve accumulated throught the years. I just let time pass me by... she´s actually inspired me to do something. She did this 48 hours fasting for people who are homeless, without food, the ones that at this time (3:00 pm) have not had their first meal.

Here is her post, hope you read it, and I´ve decided to hit the gym today! I will no longer be still, I will be proactive. Be ready, watch my wings spread...

Aide ;)
Smile… it´s free!

August 28, 2011

Day 27 my worst Habit, uhm...

It´s without a doubt organizing but it´s not you think. I have to have things in place or my life goes downhill. My whole day and mood depend on it. My desk has to be an organized mess, same with the home. If I get home and things are out of place I get all cranky for no reason and start cleaning\organizing. I´ve had days in which i use my lunch break to organized instead of eating!

I dislike when folks start moving my stuff around whether at home or at work. And hate with a passion whenever folks live things OUT OF PLACE. Why must you not put them back were you found them???

So there you have it, not sure if its a dislike post or a worst habit...

Aide ;)
Smile… it´s free!

August 27, 2011

30 Days about me, Favorite store

My favorite store...I would choose the ones I like the most because if I start listing all the store I like this post would not have an end.

I love shopping at Old Navy for me, ¨the¨ best jeans ever, they just hug my curves!

Childrens place is the best spot for kids clothes, they are a bit pricey but those clothes could with stand my little Monsters (and that is a lot! trust me).

Kohls, what can I say I love everything in there! and Nike, love them sneakers...

There, my top favorites!

Aide ;)
Smile… it´s free!

August 26, 2011

I´m going to include the obvious: My mom and sister (older from the 3 youngest ones I have, yeah I mean you Fani) they have inspired me in more ways than one.

My mom raised 4 kids as a single mother who has worked really hard at whatever job she has had to do to bring food to our table (decent jobs of course), from doing other´s laundry to selling toys off the side walk for Christmas. Whatever was needed. Today we are all grown folks, professionals in different areas, holding stady jobs or owing a business (my bother Mayo). We might not be ¨the¨best folks to deal with but we are honest ones who try to do some sort of good.

My sister she inspires me daily because everyday she has a different battle and she is brave enough to face it HEAD on instead of running and hiding (which is what I would do). She embraces her troubles and comes out victorious! (do not ask me the details, all I know is that the Lord is her guide).

Ok ready to move on to the friends:

My girls: Irene, Amber & Sylvia

We have been thru so much, we have cried together, laugh together (peed together, lol) been to places, mess with other people and so much more than I could reveal!

I thank you all for ALL you have done for me, ALL you have with stand with me AND for me, for ALL i thank you!


Love you all!

Aide ;)
Smile… it´s free!

August 24, 2011

Day 23, You tube Talk

I feel just like Emily from Nap time is My time i do not have a post for today.

I exclusively use You tube for music videos which i refuse paying got on Itunes and which i enjoy viewing every now and then. But i would not waste my time searching for things with little value to me...I would much rather search for interesting blogs or edit photos. Sorry folks but we are few in a bunch!
Aide ;)
Smile… it´s free!

August 22, 2011

21 day about

Okey, as I have stated before I hate cooking, dont like it not one bit.
Now that we have that clear, my mind is blanked the moment I try to think of a recipe. I´m gonna share my hubby´s rice and beans recipe called Gallo Pinto. This recipe is from Nicaragua and it´s very simple to make and really yummy.

It works best if you have white rice left over from the day before (meaning a day old). It has to be properly stored since its not supposed to have gone bad just last night rice would do. Grab a can of black beans, some onions, white cheese and a little bit of seasoning.

Stir fry the onions, add the beans and the seasoning just enough to give the beans some of your own flavor, pour some water in the can were the beans where, about half the can and pour it in the pan, after a few minutes, not too many minutes you dont want the mixture to dry up, add the rice and stirr until its all mix with the beans. Serve hot with some slices of cheese, yum!

Aide ;)
Smile… it´s free!

August 20, 2011

Day 19 something I´m good at...

There is the obvious photography ( i dont claim being good at it, but i do claim loving it!). But besides that I´m good at story telling. I make up the craziest stories to my kids or any other kids that i know. My 8yr old loves stories and we had read all the books we had at home (age appropiate books, wink wink!) and i had a light buld moment and started to make up stories for her.

I told her about the most beautiful girl in the whole world who didnt like to eat (she is a picky eater) and her mom made her the most delicious food ever...but before she knew what mom had cooked she said ¨mommy i dont want to eat that!.¨ ¨Honey but you dont even know what I´m cooking, why dont you wait first and then say that you dont like it?¨the mom replied.
¨No I´m sure I wont like it! I´m very sure.¨ she said. ¨ Well you need to try it any way¨. When the girl tried to food she not only liked it she asks for seconds, uhm yummy. The mom told the girl that from that moment on she must first try things out before rejeting them. The girl agreed and she lived happily ever after... the end.

After this one I´ve made so many other ones always based on stuff that happens in our daily life, i still read to her but she likes my made up stories and whenever i´m really exhausted they save me from having to read...

Aide ;)
Smile… it´s free!

ps: story protected by copyright laws, soon to be available in hardcover.

August 17, 2011

I´ve missed a few days in the 30 days...

Sorry I’ve been little off the blog for the past few days, but I’ve been with this cold that won’t go away! But I think I’m back J. So I’m going to try to keep myself in track, here we go:
1.     Something I’m OCD about…and it might sound tacky…but my girls have become costumed to us praying every night. I’ve told them that it keeps bad dreams away. So if I’m not home and they can’t pray they will wake up in the middle of the night and come find me to pray. If I’m not home to pray them I go to their bed and pray in their ears although they are sleeping (like snoring and completely out!), still pray. I’ve come to the point that I believe if they don’t pray they will have bad dreams and that by praying I’m keeping ¨bad¨ things\stuff\evil away from them…
2.     Well my mom…again it might sound tacky… but I do not go a single day without quoting the lady! I’m either quoting her or saying something she told me when I was younger and it worked\happened\understood later, and this is all the time. Also a supervisor a had (who passed away a few years ago) he helped me become the mature woman I’m today, he helped he understand that I needed to be responsible for my own actions and that those actions will always impact other folks (for good or bad). He thought me to be open and honest (like cruel honest) and to never give up (which my mom also did teach me)…may his soul rest in peace!
3.     Oh Brazil and Egypt…I would love to visit both because they are somewhat eccentric, exotic, unique and special. I’ve always had this love for Egypt (since my first Art class in high school, the one that I remember!) something about sand, pyramids, desert, scarfs and mystery that I just can’t stay away. And Brazil in two words: Samba and Carnival!
4.     My dream home…my kids would be running around and climbing like monkeys, my hubby lying in the couch playing video games, the dogs barking and me…well blogging! The rest is just that, the rest.

       5. The craziest thing I’ve ever done…well my bff and I went to Miami for Labor Day
           weekend a few years ago (before I met the hubby) and as some of you know Miami is a crazy city and Labor day is a crazy holiday… while at the beach I saw some girls top  less and I said ¨what that hell, I’m a big girl but I could also show boobies¨ and so I did! I took my top off and showed them off…

Aide ;)
Smile… it´s free!

August 12, 2011

Favorite band\artist--Rock on!

I enjoy listening to all kinds of music (as long as they are not repeated over and over and over...) but I definetely have some favorites.

Music has always been a big part in our lives. I remember my grandmother dancing us around the house (we were too little to dance with her, if you know what i mean you should be laughing now...) We were always laughing and dancing.

We grow up to be good dancers (not strippers or anything, we just enjoy dancing all night long).  I like to dance with my kids, I want them to have the same fun my brothers and I when we were younger (the one we are having now whenever we get together and just dance!)

So here are the nominees:

  1.  Aerosmith (rocking mode On)
  2.  Boys 2 Men (for whenever I´m a romantic mood)
  3.  Backstreet´s boys (I couldnt possibly leave them out, all time crush)
  4.  Evanesence (for when my dark side comes out, and dont even day you dont have one, we all do)
  5.  Don Omar (he is just plain sexy)
  6.  Shakira (I want to be her when I grow up)
  7.  SpongeBob (come also know all his songs)
  8.  The Big Time Rush guys (they are just cute and I like their songs, my 8yr old has a crush on them)
And the Winner is:

Lady Antebellum.

That´s all folks, please stay tune for the next year awards...just kidding, stay tune for 30  Days with Toni.

Aide ;)

Smile… it´s free!

August 11, 2011

Photos of me...back in the days & now

I had a bit of trouble finding a picture of me from 10 years ago (my computer crash last week) :(, I know it sucks for me...a photographer computer less, how can I WORK!!!??? But thanks to Picasa web store (and thanks to my brother Luis, the one in the picture below who showed it to me) I was able to get this few pictures of me.

This is me about 8 years ago... I know what you are thinking: horrible hair dye. Go ahead be honest! I thought the same thing back then and I think the same thing now.Trust me when I tell you I changed it the next day (thank God for digital photography and after they snapped this picture I saw myself and uff, not pretty).

This is what I looked like last year in August...And I also know what you are thinking, ¨What a change¨ ¨Black definetely looks better on her¨ and ¨she looks hot¨. If you were thinking this then you are right in all the above statements (if you werent thinking this: then shame on you!.

This is me now (more or less). Again my mind is way ahead: I know I´m back to blond but this is a ¨good¨ kind of blond (I look hot now!, Not that I didnt back then...just saying for the records) But this is confident me...

I´m so glad to have done this years back picture thingy because it just shows me that I have been ¨me¨throughout the years, that I´ve fun in the process (regardless of the bumps in the road), that I´m some what of a Cameleon (seriously I transform) and that God has being there every step of the way...

Aide ;)
Smile… it´s free!

August 10, 2011

Something that makes my life easier...

Where to begin?

My cellphone, I do not even want to imagine what I would do without it. At one point when I moved recently I didnt have one and I was about to go crazy! (No seriously, I was having withdrawals issues).

The Internet, just at the same time I didnt have a cellphone (and mind you I went 3 months without either, the cell or the internet) and needless to say: withdrawals... I know I have issues! (screaming from realizing how bad my issues are, first step in the recovery process).

A drivable vehicle. I had a recent accident from which I survived mostly because ¨He¨ is always watching over me (most importantly protecting me) and I had my seat belt on. Since then I dont have a car (or any method of transportation that I could drive, I have to ask folks to drive me around, and I dont like that!). I had a Nissan Quest that really made my life easier...Good days.

Having courage, to do things that I wish to accomplish like showing myself that I could do this 30 days thingy, that I could accomplish anything I want (like momma always tells me), that I will one day make my kids proud of me and that as long as I have God as my driver, he will make sure I make it to my final destination...

Aide ;)

Smile… it´s free!

August 09, 2011

Something I hate....uhm

If I was a good and nice girl I would say that I dont hate anything or no one because everyone is a child of God and I shouldnt hate anything or no one... I have to say I dont personally hate anyone, I just happen to dislike some folks...

But I would be nice since this 30 days are about me and not people who from time to time piss me off.

I HATE (notice the capital letters) when people take it upon themselves to try my food...yeap and you know what I mean! Some folks just grap their fork, spoon or their nasty fingers and pick from your plate without permission...Hey you dont know if i was going to eat that and most importantly I dont know if you wash your hands today?

It is not cute, funny or anything else for you to pick on my plate...No its not! That is seriously my pet peeve...Other than that I´m pretty ok with most things...

Aide ;)

Smile… is free!

August 08, 2011

Sex...uhm uhm uhm!

So as you all know I´m involved on this 30 days about me thingy and was determined to write only about me...well the sex subject is about ME. And on the Mrs. T Naturally blog there is a blog challenge in which she challenges her readers-bloggers to write about sex, and here I go!

As we all know us women before and after we get married are looked at wrong, funny, weird whenever we start talking about sex.

It doenst matter if we are married or not, if we are talking cleaninly about our marital sex life (without giving details) or not, either way we are looked at ¨funny¨. Even when we enter a department store to buy ¨lingiere¨ people (specially women) look at us as if we were buying that to use it with other people other than our if we were whore´s, there I said it! Euff, that felt good.

Society and some churches (so says my hubby) has portrait sex as something prohibited and bad that we dont even want to call it sex. And lets face it and call things by their names: that is what it was before we got married (for those of us who had pre marital sex), after we got married (before the kiddies came along) and it should be good old sex after the kids, the wedding, the house, the get the point.

I remember reading and seeing pictures at how back in the days women couldnt even move during sex, they were covered from head to toe and there was a hole in the sheets right were they´re husband would penetrate and this made me so sad...women should not have to hold themselves back when it comes to sex (as long as they are doing it with their husbands and only with their husbands, that is), we should not be looked at funny when we buy sexy lingerie, body lotions, condoms, gels, vibrators, or anything else that we are going to exclusively enjoy with our husbands. There was a time in which even if a woman moved to much in bed she was a b...h, she couldnt try to do any different positions and-or even ask for her husband to bring her to climax before rolling over on this back. A time in whic misionary was probably the only position a house wife could try.

Back then only bad girls had fun, Now a days married women want to have fun!

Married is not just about how hectic our everyday lives are or precious our kids are (which they are) its also about some pleasures we get to enjoy (like sex and chocolates) which should be ok and we should not be ashamed of... if it was a sin to enjoy our bodies then God wouldnt have not given it to us (he doesnt do anything wrong).

Just like its our duty (not really its a pleasure) to be with our husbands and have sex (note: not make love, just sex) its also their pleasure to please us. And although props are not mandatory some pumps and a corset has never hurt anyone...

Good girl
Not so good girl

Aide ;)
Smile… is free! 

Ps: photos courtesy of Stirred, Straight Up, with a Twist.

Favorite picture

Well! :( just realized that I missed yesterday´s post (sorry was out and about with hubby, alone NO kids, and folks it had a been a reall long time since that) but I am back!

My favorite this one!

I took this picture of my brother and his wife when they were expecting my nephew Jacob. They are such a happy couple and they are so in love...I took this picture in a time in which i was going thru some rough spots in my life and they just gave me so much hope.

I look back at this picture and it brings me back so many sad memories that are quickly erase by the love that they reflect...just off a simple picture.

Aide ;)

Smile… is free! 

August 06, 2011

Favorite Quote

This one is also simple, short and sweet...¨ The worst thing that could happen is that you get No for an answer ¨... my mom, a very wise (like super doper wise) woman. She has always told me that if I have a question, a request, a problem that needs to be solve, or anything else that life might thow my way, not to hold it in and to ask because the The worst thing that could happen is that you get No for an answer...

Almost forgot, Live, Laugh, Love. I tattooed this one in my back.

Aide ;)

Smile… is free!

August 05, 2011

Favorite Book

I have to admit that the last few books have been bedtime stories. My kids have fallen in love with ¨Miss Giggle belly is coming for Tea¨. I make funny voices and they just roll on the floor from the laugh. Even my 8 yr old who typically does not like book to be repeated enjoys it! And they get under my skins and I can’t help but read whatever they want.

On a more grown up note I just finish reading an Elizabeth Hilts book ¨Manual for the perfect bitch at work¨, I know that you might be thinking and hope not to get judge but I’m tired of being walked over. You know what I mean, at every job or place or school, one is always lucky to find some woman who´s whole purpose in life is to f...k with you, they talk about you to your bosses, they want your position (not knowing how u got there), it’s like Kat Williams says ¨it’s something about you that just fucks with their system¨ and your job is to let them hate, but my philosophy is not to allow them to walk over me… Since I´m a supervisor I (or we supervisors) often have more crap to go thru. Luckily I now work with more men than women but the occasional B.I.T.C.H always comes along. And with all honestly I´m too old for that, God wouldn’t like for me to just sit and let her get her way.

I´m also reading the new Steve Harvey book because my doctor says that I need to be a little bit more detaching…you go figure!

Aide ;)

Smile… is free!

August 04, 2011

Favorite TV show

Well it might sound repetitive but an all time favorite would be Friends...dont care if they are re-runs or not they are all funny and they will always be funny (to me at least).

I also enjoy Criminal Minds; once a long long long time ago i wanted to be a Forensic Scientist and no one back then understood why i liked that (dont know why is not that weird!).

Another show that has also capture us (both hubby and I) is Lie to me and this show has actually messed us up big time. Now we look at people and their actions and movement when they talk to us to try to tell if they are lying or not!!!
I know we probably lost it! But hey at least we lost it together...

Aide ;)

Smile… is free!

August 02, 2011

Favorite song

I will make this post short and sweet, Lady Antebellum´s ´´I was here´´, it expresses how I wish to live the rest of my life...

Aide ;)

Smile… is free!

August 01, 2011

I hope someone reads this...

I was determined to save all my writing energy until tomorrow when I start the 30 Days Blogging thingy I have decided to join and since I dont feel so well I tought of just doing some blog stalking and see what its out ther while my almost 2 year old son jumps in my back because Blues Clues is not dun anymore...You go figure!
I came across a blog called  FibroTiger This blog is about a woman who has a stepson who was diagnosed with a strange Syndrome and a daughter who is a bit behind in development while dealing with Fibromyalgia and having her husband away from them due to work and the economy.

Reading this womans blog just melted my heart and made me SEE the bigger picture. Everyday I say that I am thankful for all that God has given us and yet I still complaint, still whine, still get grouchy and bitch (if you may, in my husbands words) and yet I read her blog and she is not even complaining!

She is taking a ton of pills, she is in pain (agonizing pain) and she is NOT complaining! I hope that this gets around, that people from all ages and different parts of the world read it and stop at least a little the darn complaining...I know that I will at least minimize it...

Aide ;)
Smile… is free!