August 26, 2011

I´m going to include the obvious: My mom and sister (older from the 3 youngest ones I have, yeah I mean you Fani) they have inspired me in more ways than one.

My mom raised 4 kids as a single mother who has worked really hard at whatever job she has had to do to bring food to our table (decent jobs of course), from doing other´s laundry to selling toys off the side walk for Christmas. Whatever was needed. Today we are all grown folks, professionals in different areas, holding stady jobs or owing a business (my bother Mayo). We might not be ¨the¨best folks to deal with but we are honest ones who try to do some sort of good.

My sister she inspires me daily because everyday she has a different battle and she is brave enough to face it HEAD on instead of running and hiding (which is what I would do). She embraces her troubles and comes out victorious! (do not ask me the details, all I know is that the Lord is her guide).

Ok ready to move on to the friends:

My girls: Irene, Amber & Sylvia

We have been thru so much, we have cried together, laugh together (peed together, lol) been to places, mess with other people and so much more than I could reveal!

I thank you all for ALL you have done for me, ALL you have with stand with me AND for me, for ALL i thank you!


Love you all!

Aide ;)
Smile… it´s free!

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