May 05, 2011

mother's day...the old fashion way

To all my dear friends and family: hope you don't get offended over this.

But I have to say it!!!!

First of all I have to admit that i am a FB fanatic, I absolutely enjoy going online every second I get to see what is everyone up to. My hubby complains about it, i know i should not be on my blackberry while talking to him in bed searching in FB (there are far more important and exciting things to do while awake in bed!) but I'm a fanatic! What can I say.

Even fanatics think there is a stoping point. Since yesterday i've notice an increasingly number of folks updating their status to "well if you love your mom copy this on your status!" or "if you love your mom put a picture of you and your mom as your profile pic!"????

Ahhhhh, allow me to complain and say that aggravates me!

I'll explain.

While I do celebrate mother's day and love my mom dearly and most definetely expect a gift on that day (actually 2 since I'm hispanic and celebrate mother's day in both countries).. 
I think this is a way of bragging to all your friends and seeing who loves their mom the most. Most people appear to be racing to see who puts it first, its like who wishes you a happy birthday faster and who forgets to. Who forgets to put Happy mothers day on their status!

Now dont get me wrong, if your mom is really into FB:  she checks it often, updates it, perphaps has a BB and gets her messages, post away!

But if she is like the rest of the moms and doesnt keep up with technology then the best way to tell her that you LOVE her is the old way...via telephone...

Most parents (including my own) have a FB, which they do not even check in months. 
They dont know exactly how it works, dont have internet or the time to check it.
My mom has it keep up with old friends and not to be outdated. My dad has one, I really dont know why...but the things of it is that they are not going to see that you put i love you there or you put a picture of the two of you.

The only people that see it are your friends...and other people you have there who are not really your friends but you had to add them just because.

I think we should make this mother day a different one...we should celebrate it old style (like our moms did with their moms). Instead of posting on FB lets call our moms, tell them how much we love her and how thankful we are for all the things she has done for us. Whether they were good or bad, they helped shape you into the person you are today. 

Thank her for all the sleepless nights, the sacrifices she underwent to raise you, to feed you, to dress you, to put a roof over your head and to send you to school. For all the times she went to bed hungry because the money she had was only enough to buy you and your brothers food. The times she wore the rip clothes and the broken shoes because to her you needed clothes more than she did, even when you had plenty in the closet. The times she had to pick up extra jobs because Christmas was coming and she wanted to give you new clothes and toys which you later forgot about.

Ask her for forgiveness for all the times you were rude to her, the times you yelled at her and told her that you didnt asked to be born. The times you hanged up the phone or ignored her calls because she was "aggravating" you. Those times that you wished she would just leave you the F*%k alone because you thought you had enough. 

If after reading this you think I'm an idiot for thinking that you don't love your mom, ok think and post away.

But if you dont, I challenge you that next time you pick up your phone (iphone, bb,etc) instead of typing "I love my mom, my sister, my hubby, etc) go ahead look under "contacts" find that persons number and give them a call...I promise you they will love to hear your voice...

This mother's day let's make a difference by not posting anything in reference to mothers day in any networking site...lets do it the all way! It worked then it will work now...

Ciao ;)
Thanks for reading