April 12, 2012

Man over certain age....

A lot has been said about the tendencies of man over certain age, what happens when they start to feel old. The need to prove themselves, and others, they've still got it.

A desperate need to stop the aging process comes over them; the passing of the years, the inevitable fact that everything comes to an end, that they are getting "old".
In our hispanic communities this is a growing pattern. It's alarming to see men, who are self absorb, insecure, selffish and childish portraining this need to reinsure themselves by being with younger women.
They have develop, as the years pass, this candid fatherhood need. Its sick and pathetic. Most of them have money, power, weatlh. Things that could get anyone almost anything they want or desire.

In my experience most of these girls are from low income families. They have grown up lacking even the bacis necesities. And lets not confuse the topic here, which is not how these girls haved fooled the men to get what they want. We would leave that topic for another day.

I believe its more an issue about the underlining cause for these men to need to be around young girls. They are little girls who havent had the chance to experience true love, passion. Im not saying that some of these men dont end up loving them but they are experienced, they have "lived". They had their chance at love, missed it.
These young girls are being robed of the especial feeling of being with someone especial, of being the only one and not the other one. These men dont realized that they have daughters and that their little girl would grow up one day. They might end up being " that " girl they are now pursuing or loving.

The tender touch a real highschool boyfriend gives you, its not the same one as the perverted touch an older man gives you. The tenderness of a young ones love, the warm you feel when being hugged, the soft touch of their hands...cant be compare to the morbossity some of these men share. Ive seen how its a bit of a trophy to walk into a room with a young girl by your hand. The younger the better. Its their way of saying "well looky here, ive got me a fresh one", as if we were speaking of fish. Its young girls we are refering to!

Girls who would most likely be tarnish by the time it hits them that love is more important than money, that you will probably only get one chance at it (some are lucky to get two).
Most of these men only want them for one of 3 reasons:

1. Their "virginity" or like some call it Innocence.

2. Their beauty, not implying that older women are not beautiful, just saying that stupid men cant see it!

3. Emptyness, again not implying they young girls are stupid but admiting that a older woman are wiser therefore less likely to settle for less than what she is worth.

They are not a piece of something you hang by your arm, they are something you could easily get rid of when you get tired (althought most of them do). They are priceless, they are innocent stupid girls most likely never had a father figure to look up to or guide them.

The other night my husband was hugging our 3 year old really tight. He asked her to give daddy a kiss and to hug him. I was frozen just looking at both of them and couldnt help myself but ask him if he was ok. He is always lovable with them but this was different. His reply to me was " i'm going to give her ALL the love she could ever get. That way when she gets older she doesnt have to go look in a man what her father didnt give her...". Needless to say, i cried realizing this is what these young girls are looking for: what they most likely never had at home.

I know as a fact that what i think its not going to change the world, that mostly women would read this piece, that men who would read it wont dear to comment, that my toughts might even get lost in the vast world of the web. But i pray that if it happens to come across the monitor of a young girl who is thinking or doing an older folk to rethink her choice.

To know she has other options. That there its more to life, that she is smart enough to do better on her own, that her beauty (inner and outer) as cheesy as it might sound should be kept for the love of her life...because one day it will come knocking at her door (or window or rooftop) and she wants to be ready, untarnished waiting for it...

April 09, 2012

How far will parents go to protect their kids?

I've been doing this parent thing for quite a while now, 9 years to be exact, and I've always been a bit over protecting when it comes to my children.

I wash their hands, keep them warm, make sure vaccines are up to date, etc. if you ask my husband he will agree that I'm a bit "too much" since I'm always the first one to rush to the doctor at the slightest sound of a cough. I won't apologize since I think I'm doing what it's best for them (don't we all!).

But even i would agree that everything has its limits. My whole family moved to the Dominican Republic about a year ago. I've been exposed to a different culture that I had forgotten about. This week as I travel to Miami, Florida, I couldn't help but to stared at people I encounter. I lived in the US for over 12 years and I'M very familiar with the different cultures the are in US and very comfortable with them. To sum it all up, nothing surprises me anymore.

But since I have not been around for a while I felt like I was entering a new world, one that fascinated me...

I came across this family, no idea where there are from, just know they were Caucasian, mom, dad and child. The kid must had been 4 or 5 years old tops. He was out of the stroller and it was obvious that he wanted to walk around. He wasn't running around, he wasn't being curios or rebel, he just seen glad he was on his feet.

The mom was focused on picking up her son, she was obviously insisting on carrying him despite the fact that he was on a stand still. There was no eminent danger since we were at the mall, no entrance near by, no cars crossing, no weird looking folks around ( at least not weirder than the ones that are always there). But she was insisting on picking him up. And as she was doing that I could help but notice a tag hanging from the kids pants.

It was about the size of an index card and it said his name, parents name, address, phone number, email address, EVERYTHING.

I have to admit it was more than I had seen, to me a protecting mom that was just tooooooo much! I know first hand what it is to fear your child ever getting lost and don't even want to think of the idea of never seem them again. I've thought my older one our address and phone numbers, her full name, etc. but from there to tag them?

I can help but wonder how far will us parents go to keep them "safe"?