March 24, 2012

The fun of helping others

I was really thrown off today... I say this because not many people get to have the satisfaction of getting me out of the right state of mind!

I happen to be the type of person that tries to stay on point which at times could be hard because I tell it like it is (most of the time). I have the tendency of telling people certain things they dont like about themselves and tend to point out when they are...well wrong

I'm sure many of you have encounter people, family, co-workers who think differently. They have the perception that they only need to worry about their life, their work, their part of the load. They have this crazy thought that they are only responsible for the little bucket they were once assigned and that anything else is just that...

What they dont seem to comprehend is that being that type of person, human being, employee turns you into the first person that goes when its time for budget cuts, the last relative you want to approach for advise or for help, the last person anyone helps when YOU are the one in need of assistance.

If we humans understood that something as simple asbeing friendly, helpful, joyful and candid could take you a long wayyyyyyyy......perphaps we would make an effort to change, would we?

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. ~William James

March 08, 2012

Dont we all use the bathroom with the same purpose?

It takes more than patience to be able to work with certain situations. 

I think it has of willingness than anything else. I´ve learned that in life you will encounter situations in which you must step OUT (really out) of your comfort zone. In which you must we stop thinking about ourselves and how selfish we could be (as humans and idiots) in a lot of situations. By now you are probably wondering “what in the world if she talking about, she must be high or something along those lines”…but hear me out…

I´ve not always worked inside an office, I do now. I´ve had worked all my working life with people. I have to admit that I am a bit of a people’s person. At one point in my life I had this crazy idea of being a Forensic Scientist but desisted after knowing that I could be enclosed with cadavers ALL day long…… I think I wouldn’t have gone crazy! SERIOUSLY (serious face on).

I need to see people, interact with them, feel that I am making a difference on someone else’s life, and impact on how their day might be going or even how their life its turning…I have these need for knowing that I am useful and helpful. It might be a bad thing if you think I am being selfish or need all the attention to myself but that it not it. It’s more than that.

I’ve also had the blessing of sharing work space with folks who don’t think the same as I do. They are complete jerks when it comes to handling others. They have no people skills what so ever and irritate me like you could not imagine. And I irritate them as well because of the way I am… straight up. I don’t like or accept or allow anyone to treat anyone else like a piece of junk, don’t like or tolerate people to think they are better or higher than anyone else.

Why all of this? Today at work this lady who we will call Apple got on my last nerve. She had been there for a really long time. She is an accountant and has worked there longer than I had (which really doesn’t affect me because I just don’t care, I still do my job). She happens to be in charge of paying the drivers whenever they do a deliver and have to bring back merchandise.
The driver calls me up because he knows I will fix the problem and she is a pain, to make sure he is going to get his money paid. I tell her why the driver it’s worried because she doesn’t pay them as she is supposed to and her answer is “well I’m not going to pay him now!”……… and some more …….

By now you are probably trying to figure out how my face turned! Trust me Not pretty.

What? Are you joking me? Have you lost it? You are not paying him? Why?
Because you said so! News flash it doesn’t work like that! He is doing his job; you do yours and pay him his money. He worked for it and you are nobody to tell him that he is not going to get paid because you said so….

People like that irritate me because they claim themselves professionals just because they have a Diploma getting dusty in their house and ring on their fingers. Education starts at an early age and most so called Professional don’t have a bit of it. I´ve found folks who barely know how to write their name and who behave and have a great deal of Education.

Don’t be so quick portraying yourself as bigger than other as if you don’t all use the bathroom for the same purpose…

Have you laughed today?