July 31, 2011

30 Days about me...

Today while blog stalking I found A daily dose of Toni @ http://juststopscreaming.com. And she is having some sort of blog thing where you get to blog about yourself for 30 days. No kid’s blogging, no husband blogging, no nothing...just yourself!
She is doing this along with other bloggers who want to join. I joined in! Hopefully I will get accepted.
I think this is a good way to not only allow your friends to get you know you a little better but also to focus on the great you that you are...the you that likes to cook but not because she has to feed some little ones, the one who likes to paint when it doesn’t involve that you need to clean up the crayon off the walls, the same person who likes to watch movies that do not involve princesses or pirates...the YOU.

So I’ve decided to focus a little on me (despite the fact that my hubby has come into the room 3 times while I’m writing this few words, to informed me that he is hungry, my 8 yr old claims that she already took a nap. Note I just asks her to lay down about 15 minutes ago, not to mention that I run 2 blogs, my facebook page, which is extremely important for me, work full time, mom of 3, and are currently learning how to manage a non for profit page!)
Despite all of that I will blog for 30 days about me. So join me, join us...let’s get ourselves back!
Aide ;) smile… is free!

July 24, 2011

Yeay for me!

Ok so I think my blog's are where I wanted them to be. I have spent 2 full days sitting in front of my computer, have not cooked, barely bathed and my 8 year old complains that "I type too much", that is kid talk for asking mommy to pay her some attention!

So this is it, I hope that you all like it (because if you don’t I am not changing it, seriously I am not!, Lol) I like it!

On another note I had about 3 subject I wanted to blog about but while remodeling the blogs forgot to write them down and I have completely forgotten what they were about....so...this is it!

Thanks for Reading! 

Aide ;), smiling is free!

July 06, 2011

that is how crap starts...

So i heard the other day a grown woman (she's in her late 30's, this is important because you will think she knows better :() ) who was proudly announcing that her 3yr old has a girlfriend.

Ok maybe i shouldnt be alarmed but common on! That is how crap starts.

Our Bibi came home one day saying that Jacob (that was a kid in her school) told her that she was his girlfriend (they were both around the same age, 3) and we stopped her right there.

A 3yr old has no business thinking (little less speaking) about boyfriends and girlfriends, they are only 3.

As a parent our job (well one of them) is to make sure they know that and what boundaries are (being having boyfriends at the age number 1 on the list).

Kids need to know early on that there will be a time for them to enjoy having a boyfriend (and they will hopefully enjoy IT, not that we as parents need to know any of it!!!!) and if she (well all of us) dont make that clear how are they going to know it. 

I have girls and a boy and i surely dont wish them to be influence by those views. Granted we never know what our kids will end up doing (and trust me after me work experience I pray EVERYDAY that they wait...) but also believe that we as parents need to do more than pray (which definetely helps), we need to be active in our kids life and stop worrying about what school my friends kids cousin is going, and how many ballet lessons she is taking, and how many shoes she has (because i think my child should have more than her) and start worrying more about our childrens heads (making sure that they dont have bats up there but actual fully working brain cells...)

Lord helps us all...specially me (my 2 little ones will give us a lot of work, they are only 3 and 2 but hey i could tell...)