July 31, 2011

30 Days about me...

Today while blog stalking I found A daily dose of Toni @ http://juststopscreaming.com. And she is having some sort of blog thing where you get to blog about yourself for 30 days. No kid’s blogging, no husband blogging, no nothing...just yourself!
She is doing this along with other bloggers who want to join. I joined in! Hopefully I will get accepted.
I think this is a good way to not only allow your friends to get you know you a little better but also to focus on the great you that you are...the you that likes to cook but not because she has to feed some little ones, the one who likes to paint when it doesn’t involve that you need to clean up the crayon off the walls, the same person who likes to watch movies that do not involve princesses or pirates...the YOU.

So I’ve decided to focus a little on me (despite the fact that my hubby has come into the room 3 times while I’m writing this few words, to informed me that he is hungry, my 8 yr old claims that she already took a nap. Note I just asks her to lay down about 15 minutes ago, not to mention that I run 2 blogs, my facebook page, which is extremely important for me, work full time, mom of 3, and are currently learning how to manage a non for profit page!)
Despite all of that I will blog for 30 days about me. So join me, join us...let’s get ourselves back!
Aide ;) smile… is free!

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