February 28, 2010

let's give it another try!

Ok I'm ready! Or so I think.
I tried taking the NaBloPoMo pladge last month and it didnt work. I love writing but sometimes making the time is hard. I make the mistake of waiting until the end of my day to try to write and my mind was completely blank.
And I dont mean writer's block blank, I mean I am tired out of my mind blank. Between my kids, my full time day job, this new business I'm  starting and my disaster of a personal I end up exhausted.

And I this could probably be just an excuse but seriously somedays is just hard to sit in front of my pc @ 11:00 at night and come up with something I will later on be proud of.

So here we go again. Starting 3/1 i will attemp again this blogging thing. Nothing will have change around my house or life. I'll just have a to take a positive attitude and my desire to one day publish my book and hit this blogging thing head first.

Wich me good luck, I will need it!

February 11, 2010

Unloading in an stranger commode

I think is safe to say that we all have been in this unconforable situation. The situation in which we mus (emphasis on the must) use the restroom.

When your body (or bottom) says here it goes there is not stopping it. No matter what you do, how you seat, the feeling of "I have to go" wont go away.

Today I was at work and that feeling sriked. I was having a conversation with a co-worker and I had to suddently stop and run. Uhm,. it was back.
And Oh! that felt liberating. The feeling of emptyness that one feels after.


February 10, 2010

Oh you took off the paint?

The other night my fiance and I did something that we had not done in a long time, we went out alone...

Yeap that;s right dont be jealous. Alone just the 2 of us. No one else. NO ONE ELSE. Again we love the kids but after our 3rd one we finally understood the importance of us time.

We felt (or at least I did) like a new person. Someone without a care in the world. For the first time we went out without me calling 20 times home and checking on the kids.
We enjoyed a drink, ate really good, unhealthy food and didnt mention the kids. Again, we love our kids but this time alone I could really get used to!!!

Our babysitter had brought her sister alone to keep play with my 6 yr old. We were ready to get out the door (literally) and we were giving our final instructions to her. Her sister is about 13 yrs old but she is very innocent in regards to certain things (which is good considering the world we live in today).

Our walls had been previously painted with a dark yellow and green color (no comments). Well at least half of our walls were painted. We ran out of paint and the walls had been half way painted for over a year (you know we had 2 kids back to back).
Anyhow,she had gotten used to the colors on the wall I guess. W recently painted our walls white. She came in and looked around looking for what had changed. She finally found it and said " Oh you took the paint off the walls?"

February 09, 2010

Today my 6 year old came running to the kitchen (place where I spend most of my time), "mommy, mommy I have a mosquito under my arm!"

Uhm?! A mosquito?
"a mosquito, mommy. It's iching me a lot!"
How in the world could a mosquito get right under her arm pit if she is wearing a long sleeve shirt?

"Honey, it's called soap and water. Not a mosquito." Like many other children (at least 3 of mine) hate taking a bath or a shower. Telling then is bath time is like telling then they are going on time-out. Tehy fuss and get uoset.

She didnt pay much attention to what I said about the bath. She just kept on scraching and scraching. And I just laughed. I mean what can I possibly do about it.

February 07, 2010

if 2 girls kiss are they gay?

What do you tell a 6 six year old @ 10 o'clock in the morning when she asks "mommy, if a girl and a girl kisses does that make them gay?"

Uhm?!What?! Where did you learn that?!? That is what I wanted to screammed!! But I held my self back and took a deep breath...and another deep breath... and another...

Let me start out by saying that I DON'T have anything against Gays or Lesbians. And I knew that with todays society it was just a matter of time before that question will come up. I just didn't expect it now. I mean she is just 6!!!

I know that when I was growing up Gays and Lesbians was something unspoke of. It was a big taboo and no one will dare to talk about it. People were living in the dark. Hiding to the world and lying to themselves about what sex they were attracted to or who they loved.

Now a days things have change. People are still very reserve when it comes to the subject but more and more people talk about the subject and are not afraid to say "hey i'am a lesbian and i like women!".
But when my daughter asks me I just didnt know what to tell her.

I tried to remain as cool as possible and told her that it was true, that if a girl likes a girl (like mommy lloves daddy) then she was lesbian. I went on and told her that one day when she is older she will understand more about it. And that one day she will marry a handsome guy and she didnt have to worry about that kind of stuff. I mean she is just a little girl.

To my surprise she started crying saying that no boy would like to marry her and I am like WHAT?!

"Honey, you do not need to worry about boys wanting to marry you or not!" I said. I continued to explain to her that she was a beautiful girl and that when the time was right she will marry the man she likes.

Now this got me thinking: why in the world a 6 year old is worrying about who she marries? She is only 6!!!

I blame myslef for allowing her to watch movies in which the pretty princess marries the handsome prince. In which a 16 year old mermaid marries the guy her dad told her to forget about. For reading her a story of how he kissed her and the witches spell broke and they lived happily ever after.

Don't get me wrong I (like any other mother) want my daughter to be happy. I want her to one day find true love and get marry and have beautiful children.

I do not want my 6 year old thinking about marriage or about gay people. I want her to think about toys and games and school. Not about marriage.

This hit my like a rock. I have allowed her to watch movies and read this stories. I have decorated her room with castles and princesses who have happily ever after stories in which they fall in love with their perfect prince and now she has this mentality of I must marry the perfect man when she is only 6!!

How in the world did this happened? And most importantly how do I fix it? Can I fix it?