February 09, 2010

Today my 6 year old came running to the kitchen (place where I spend most of my time), "mommy, mommy I have a mosquito under my arm!"

Uhm?! A mosquito?
"a mosquito, mommy. It's iching me a lot!"
How in the world could a mosquito get right under her arm pit if she is wearing a long sleeve shirt?

"Honey, it's called soap and water. Not a mosquito." Like many other children (at least 3 of mine) hate taking a bath or a shower. Telling then is bath time is like telling then they are going on time-out. Tehy fuss and get uoset.

She didnt pay much attention to what I said about the bath. She just kept on scraching and scraching. And I just laughed. I mean what can I possibly do about it.