February 28, 2010

let's give it another try!

Ok I'm ready! Or so I think.
I tried taking the NaBloPoMo pladge last month and it didnt work. I love writing but sometimes making the time is hard. I make the mistake of waiting until the end of my day to try to write and my mind was completely blank.
And I dont mean writer's block blank, I mean I am tired out of my mind blank. Between my kids, my full time day job, this new business I'm  starting and my disaster of a personal I end up exhausted.

And I this could probably be just an excuse but seriously somedays is just hard to sit in front of my pc @ 11:00 at night and come up with something I will later on be proud of.

So here we go again. Starting 3/1 i will attemp again this blogging thing. Nothing will have change around my house or life. I'll just have a to take a positive attitude and my desire to one day publish my book and hit this blogging thing head first.

Wich me good luck, I will need it!

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