October 25, 2011

moody me

Lately I havent felt like myself at all. I´ve been moody, crancky, thinking too much about past decisions and I even shed a tear today...

It´s funny how sometimes you realized that you have been unadvisily swamp by feelings that you werent awared you had. Feelings of emptiness, of impotence, of needing to do something definite, drastic.

I had that feeling today. Shared it with someone who I never in a million years would think will understand me. And came to realized that if anyone understood me was her.

She has been hiding in the silence, quiet, sumisive for so many years. She has been there thru thick and thin, on the high and on the lows, she stands straight well all else passes...

October 24, 2011

the ¨new¨ me at 30

Yeay!!! I´m thirty!

I have to honest and admit that I thought it would be harder to hit 30, as if I was going to change how I felt or who I was, as if that would feel like one of those life changing experiences in which you undergo some sort of transe and when you come back to your body you are no longer the you from before...

Does it makes sense? Perphaps it doesnt but that is how I felt.

Today I see that how I felt was not real. I´m still my crazy old self just a year older and wiser. I still get to change my hair color often, I still get tongue tied at times, I still love my family and friends as much as I did when I was 29, I still have strong opinions and values that no one will change, I´m still me!

October 20, 2011

So excited today I could scream !!!

Today I feel like a real writer. I´m sure you have encounter a situation in which you do something but practically noone knows about it and therefore you dont feel like you do that thing that you know that you do (I know confusing!)

Well that it how it felt all the years that I´ve been writing and noone knew I was a writer. I will do my blog posts and no comments, no one read it, nothing.... It truly just felt like I was just a writer to myself!

Well along came Emily from Nap Time is My Time to the rescue! She has been so kind to have me as a guest blogger over at her blog. She featured my blog and post and I could not be any happier!!!!

I´m overwhelmed by this ¨Now I feel like I´m a real writer¨ feeling. I feel like I could scream it to the world (dont know if they will listen thought) but I feel like I´m not just a writer wanna be...I´m a writer!

You could find the post here!

Thank you Emily for the Opportunity...You have NO idea what it means to me.

ps:  I will love to visit Texas one day!

Have you shared a smile today?

October 18, 2011

the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world

This woman has shown me everything I know and so much more that will take more than an post...and here she is... My amaizing mother, Happy Birthday!