October 25, 2011

moody me

Lately I havent felt like myself at all. I´ve been moody, crancky, thinking too much about past decisions and I even shed a tear today...

It´s funny how sometimes you realized that you have been unadvisily swamp by feelings that you werent awared you had. Feelings of emptiness, of impotence, of needing to do something definite, drastic.

I had that feeling today. Shared it with someone who I never in a million years would think will understand me. And came to realized that if anyone understood me was her.

She has been hiding in the silence, quiet, sumisive for so many years. She has been there thru thick and thin, on the high and on the lows, she stands straight well all else passes...


  1. I've had those days also. They use to be far and few between, but not lately. Hope you feel better.

    I'm a new follower. Hope you can check me out at

  2. I think we all those days. To some it last longer than to others. Thanks for following (I couldnt find you among my followers, pls do ad yourself and let me knw if you cant find the link).


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