November 01, 2011

the things a woman goes thru...

I´ve been debating since last Sunday if I should write this post or not. My inner self is screaming at me ¨go ahead this needs to get out there¨ but at the same time I need to respect the privacy of my dear friend who in this story will be called Louise.

I´ve known Louise for so many years now that I´ve lost count. She is one the most sweet people I know. She is never mean, rude, inpolite, nasty or anything else that I could turn into at times when folks get on my nerves. Louise married her first love, the fairytale guy that we all dream about. Well fast forward and the years went by, they had children and life was not all she planned but what the heck they had each other she tought and to her married was a thing for ever...until death do us apart type of thing.

We will call Louise husband Charlie. Charlie decided that he no longer wanted to be with Louise, he needed his freedom, he was tired of it all. The same day Charlie dumped Louise she went out with a couple of friends, she was enjoying herself.

Charlie showep up and decided to beat her up!...for the heck of it... because he felt like it!

I´m sure that we all know someone who is being physically or verbally or emotionally abuse by their partner...we tend to stand around and not say anything because of fear, we might not to get involved in someone elses life or we might even think that the gal will eventually end up going back to that relationship... which happens a lot.

But let me tell you, there is nothing like seem your friend get hurt because some sorry ass guy decided that she deserved a beattin...

Charlie was in jail, he is free now (bail was paid), Louise is hurt, she claims she will never go back...the children are safe, life keeps going...and here i am praying that Louise opens her eyes before she becomes another statistic...

So go ahead and speak up, go ahead and get your nose in someone elses life because if you do stay quiet your friend might soon died...

Have you shared a smile today?

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