November 19, 2011

When someone dies...

Sometimes I fail to see that life is precious, that it passes by so quickly, that we pursue so many riches that most of the time we forget the real stuff that makes us happy...

This week someone that I knew since I was a little girl died. She was always a happy woman, joyful, truthful, wise...She past away at an advance age and reminded me so much of my grandmother who passed back in 1993.

Seeing the pain that her children (now older women) are in, how lost they look, how big that hole that a loved one leaves just makes want to cry...I know we all say that the death of a closed one in the family its a real eye opener but this time was different, it was more than a simple eye opener, it was  so powerfull I cant simply describe it with words.

She was very loved by all of us and she will be remembered with love...Rest in Peace Mita...


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