November 07, 2011

We don´t all take a shower daily... or do we?

As I came home today I suddently felt this need to shower. I had been out on the dirt all day at work, it was later than usual and I was exausted.

I hop in the shower and started thinking over the excuses we sometimes give each other or our friends when we realized how tired we are we decided to ¨skip¨ the usual bath time routine... 

I remembered ealier today a co-worker was telling me how she got home tired and ¨since I took a shower that morning¨ decided to skip the shower that night, and how I told a story once of how I went to this Province named Contanza and it was really cold with no heater and i skip the shower for 2 days ¨because it was too cold¨, It just came all together...Why do we make up excuses when we simply decided NOT to shower?

Have you shared a smile today?

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