November 22, 2011

a lost friendship... :(

The other day I wrote about Louise, my friend who was physically hurt by her husband. I´m sad to let you all know that Louise went back with her husband.  I know that its her decision and I have no right to judge her or tell her what to do but I´m sadden to know how things turned out.

Our friendship was ruined after her beating. We no longer speak like we used to. I ran into her the other day and felt to emotionally far from this person whom I´ve known like a sister, I got some courage last night and spoke to her, she claims things are ok and that her going back with him has nothing to do with us not talking all of a sudden. That ¨she´s being busy...¨

Even if we dont stay as close as we were at least I know deep in my heart that I told her and did what was right, if there is one thing I refuse to stay quiet to is a woman being abuse by a man...

Stay pretty my friends!


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