December 14, 2011


I have to begin by saying that I´ve always known there is a God and known that he loves me and takes good care of me. Now I must say that last year I attended a wonderful church called the Refuge, my friend Crystal invited me, and my life took a bit of a turn.

I felt him closer, I felt blessed, better things than before where coming my way and I had this joy that took over me.

Its been over a year since then and I stopped attending the Refuge because well I moved to another country. I was invited a few weeks ago, by a very special person, to a service that a church was given over at someones house. It was late, it was Monday, I was tired, it had rained, the service was at a place not only had I never been there but it was a marginal place (it was dark, solitary, so deep in that if you screamed no one will hear you, you know the type of places that you go once you have God within you because he gives you the courage you don't have without him).

Despite that all, I went.

Boy, am I glad I did! I was touched by him on that night. I considered myself a believer, a christian, a good hearted person before that night. But that night was different, allow me to explain.

Sometimes you accept God as your savior but he hasn't "touched" you. He is there but not there. You´ve accepted him in your life but your life is still not complete. Something big is still missing.  "He" is still missing. That Monday he was there, he lifted me, he touched me, he embrace me, he took over me, he overwhelmed me. It was magical. It brings tears to my eyes just to think about it.
Its a feeling that words along cant explain. I´m a different person since that Monday. I have to admit I had my doubts and repressed a little all the feelings that overwhelmed me. But you see God works in mysterious ways. Friday of the same week came along and I was invited to another service, this time it was held at the church. I attended. As to prove that he is calling me to serve him, he touched me again. I cried like I had not cried in a very long time. I felt this joy, this over flowing of his love over me. It was so powerful.

Don't let the next words offend anyone (and I know that my sister will laugh out loud with this) but I had never, I repeat never ever evaa, even consider the remote idea of being a pentecostal (the reason why I liked the Refuge is because they are modern Pentecostals) but I know imaging myself like my sister (who has been a pentecostal for years) with skirts, and no make up, I know what you are thinking being pentecostal doesn't demand any of those things but you must understand that when you view something from the outside its not the same as when you enjoy it from within.

Allow me to close this very long post with saying, that now I could loudly and proudly say: the Lord has touched me, I´m not ashamed of saying it, yelling it, expressing it and do not care what the world thinks, what anyone thinks, don't care for what "I'm leaving behind" because what he had brought me its more valuable than anything else the world could offer...

I want to think this is what Moses felt when he was first called...and if it is Thank you Jesus for choosing me...


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