February 10, 2010

Oh you took off the paint?

The other night my fiance and I did something that we had not done in a long time, we went out alone...

Yeap that;s right dont be jealous. Alone just the 2 of us. No one else. NO ONE ELSE. Again we love the kids but after our 3rd one we finally understood the importance of us time.

We felt (or at least I did) like a new person. Someone without a care in the world. For the first time we went out without me calling 20 times home and checking on the kids.
We enjoyed a drink, ate really good, unhealthy food and didnt mention the kids. Again, we love our kids but this time alone I could really get used to!!!

Our babysitter had brought her sister alone to keep play with my 6 yr old. We were ready to get out the door (literally) and we were giving our final instructions to her. Her sister is about 13 yrs old but she is very innocent in regards to certain things (which is good considering the world we live in today).

Our walls had been previously painted with a dark yellow and green color (no comments). Well at least half of our walls were painted. We ran out of paint and the walls had been half way painted for over a year (you know we had 2 kids back to back).
Anyhow,she had gotten used to the colors on the wall I guess. W recently painted our walls white. She came in and looked around looking for what had changed. She finally found it and said " Oh you took the paint off the walls?"