August 01, 2011

I hope someone reads this...

I was determined to save all my writing energy until tomorrow when I start the 30 Days Blogging thingy I have decided to join and since I dont feel so well I tought of just doing some blog stalking and see what its out ther while my almost 2 year old son jumps in my back because Blues Clues is not dun anymore...You go figure!
I came across a blog called  FibroTiger This blog is about a woman who has a stepson who was diagnosed with a strange Syndrome and a daughter who is a bit behind in development while dealing with Fibromyalgia and having her husband away from them due to work and the economy.

Reading this womans blog just melted my heart and made me SEE the bigger picture. Everyday I say that I am thankful for all that God has given us and yet I still complaint, still whine, still get grouchy and bitch (if you may, in my husbands words) and yet I read her blog and she is not even complaining!

She is taking a ton of pills, she is in pain (agonizing pain) and she is NOT complaining! I hope that this gets around, that people from all ages and different parts of the world read it and stop at least a little the darn complaining...I know that I will at least minimize it...

Aide ;)
Smile… is free!

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  1. You rock Aide! thanks soooo much...and sorry for the late "comment" settings were screwed up on my blog and I just saw this comment/ post.....thank you!


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