August 04, 2011

Favorite TV show

Well it might sound repetitive but an all time favorite would be Friends...dont care if they are re-runs or not they are all funny and they will always be funny (to me at least).

I also enjoy Criminal Minds; once a long long long time ago i wanted to be a Forensic Scientist and no one back then understood why i liked that (dont know why is not that weird!).

Another show that has also capture us (both hubby and I) is Lie to me and this show has actually messed us up big time. Now we look at people and their actions and movement when they talk to us to try to tell if they are lying or not!!!
I know we probably lost it! But hey at least we lost it together...

Aide ;)

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  1. Oh yeah! Friends! LOVED Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Monica. :-) Time to whip out the DVD series.

    Mine post is here:

  2. I love Criminal Minds. I can't even pick a favorite character because I like them all so much@

  3. I'd forgotten about Friends. That was a great show, wasn't it? Looking forward to seeing which book made your favorite list, too!!

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  4. great list :) i stopped watching criminal minds though when they changed out the main guy. hubby still watches and says it's good.

  5. My cousin is going to school for that as well :) Love all those crime shows :)


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