August 12, 2011

Favorite band\artist--Rock on!

I enjoy listening to all kinds of music (as long as they are not repeated over and over and over...) but I definetely have some favorites.

Music has always been a big part in our lives. I remember my grandmother dancing us around the house (we were too little to dance with her, if you know what i mean you should be laughing now...) We were always laughing and dancing.

We grow up to be good dancers (not strippers or anything, we just enjoy dancing all night long).  I like to dance with my kids, I want them to have the same fun my brothers and I when we were younger (the one we are having now whenever we get together and just dance!)

So here are the nominees:

  1.  Aerosmith (rocking mode On)
  2.  Boys 2 Men (for whenever I´m a romantic mood)
  3.  Backstreet´s boys (I couldnt possibly leave them out, all time crush)
  4.  Evanesence (for when my dark side comes out, and dont even day you dont have one, we all do)
  5.  Don Omar (he is just plain sexy)
  6.  Shakira (I want to be her when I grow up)
  7.  SpongeBob (come also know all his songs)
  8.  The Big Time Rush guys (they are just cute and I like their songs, my 8yr old has a crush on them)
And the Winner is:

Lady Antebellum.

That´s all folks, please stay tune for the next year awards...just kidding, stay tune for 30  Days with Toni.

Aide ;)

Smile… it´s free!


  1. Boys II Men, Mama is a great song!!!! I want to dance to it at my boys weddings in 20 years, LOL

  2. Shakira is fantastic..she makes me want to dance. Lady Antebellum is amazing...I love their songs. And "Where's Gary" is so much fun to play on Rock Band! :)


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