August 10, 2011

Something that makes my life easier...

Where to begin?

My cellphone, I do not even want to imagine what I would do without it. At one point when I moved recently I didnt have one and I was about to go crazy! (No seriously, I was having withdrawals issues).

The Internet, just at the same time I didnt have a cellphone (and mind you I went 3 months without either, the cell or the internet) and needless to say: withdrawals... I know I have issues! (screaming from realizing how bad my issues are, first step in the recovery process).

A drivable vehicle. I had a recent accident from which I survived mostly because ¨He¨ is always watching over me (most importantly protecting me) and I had my seat belt on. Since then I dont have a car (or any method of transportation that I could drive, I have to ask folks to drive me around, and I dont like that!). I had a Nissan Quest that really made my life easier...Good days.

Having courage, to do things that I wish to accomplish like showing myself that I could do this 30 days thingy, that I could accomplish anything I want (like momma always tells me), that I will one day make my kids proud of me and that as long as I have God as my driver, he will make sure I make it to my final destination...

Aide ;)

Smile… it´s free!

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