August 28, 2011

Day 27 my worst Habit, uhm...

It´s without a doubt organizing but it´s not you think. I have to have things in place or my life goes downhill. My whole day and mood depend on it. My desk has to be an organized mess, same with the home. If I get home and things are out of place I get all cranky for no reason and start cleaning\organizing. I´ve had days in which i use my lunch break to organized instead of eating!

I dislike when folks start moving my stuff around whether at home or at work. And hate with a passion whenever folks live things OUT OF PLACE. Why must you not put them back were you found them???

So there you have it, not sure if its a dislike post or a worst habit...

Aide ;)
Smile… it´s free!


  1. Aide... come over to my house - puh-lease!! Bring those organising skills too ..

  2. Kerry, just today I cleaned the yard, hanged some clothes to dry, cooked, cleaned the kids room twice, dishes twice, and just got to sitting down to watch the kids play in the pool...realized today (actually said it out loud) that hun and I have two different ways of enjoying our days off: he sleeps while I organized\clean!


Wheels here we go!