August 17, 2011

I´ve missed a few days in the 30 days...

Sorry I’ve been little off the blog for the past few days, but I’ve been with this cold that won’t go away! But I think I’m back J. So I’m going to try to keep myself in track, here we go:
1.     Something I’m OCD about…and it might sound tacky…but my girls have become costumed to us praying every night. I’ve told them that it keeps bad dreams away. So if I’m not home and they can’t pray they will wake up in the middle of the night and come find me to pray. If I’m not home to pray them I go to their bed and pray in their ears although they are sleeping (like snoring and completely out!), still pray. I’ve come to the point that I believe if they don’t pray they will have bad dreams and that by praying I’m keeping ¨bad¨ things\stuff\evil away from them…
2.     Well my mom…again it might sound tacky… but I do not go a single day without quoting the lady! I’m either quoting her or saying something she told me when I was younger and it worked\happened\understood later, and this is all the time. Also a supervisor a had (who passed away a few years ago) he helped me become the mature woman I’m today, he helped he understand that I needed to be responsible for my own actions and that those actions will always impact other folks (for good or bad). He thought me to be open and honest (like cruel honest) and to never give up (which my mom also did teach me)…may his soul rest in peace!
3.     Oh Brazil and Egypt…I would love to visit both because they are somewhat eccentric, exotic, unique and special. I’ve always had this love for Egypt (since my first Art class in high school, the one that I remember!) something about sand, pyramids, desert, scarfs and mystery that I just can’t stay away. And Brazil in two words: Samba and Carnival!
4.     My dream home…my kids would be running around and climbing like monkeys, my hubby lying in the couch playing video games, the dogs barking and me…well blogging! The rest is just that, the rest.

       5. The craziest thing I’ve ever done…well my bff and I went to Miami for Labor Day
           weekend a few years ago (before I met the hubby) and as some of you know Miami is a crazy city and Labor day is a crazy holiday… while at the beach I saw some girls top  less and I said ¨what that hell, I’m a big girl but I could also show boobies¨ and so I did! I took my top off and showed them off…

Aide ;)
Smile… it´s free!


  1. WHAT? Your craziest thing IS the craziest thing that I've read so far!

    Hope you're over your cold soon.

    Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

  2. Oh man...I could never go topless!


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