August 30, 2011

Day 29, my support system!

It might sound repetitive but God is my number one support, he never leaves my side even when I´m moody.

My mom comes right after because she is there for me no matter what. I have been up high and down low and she is ALWAYS there. When I was in my teen years she told me that a mother is the only person that would always be there, that friends come and go but your mom rarely leaves your side.
And if those words would had been the winning lotery numbers I would be a millionaire today!

My husband believe it or not is always there for me, even when times are rough and we might even be mad at each other he listens to my crazy ideas, contributes to my crazy ideas and helps me make my crazy dreams come true! I´ve got a bunch of friends (and you know who you are because I call you at all times of the day) who help me make it throw scratch free...

Aide ;)
Smile… it´s free!

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