August 05, 2011

Favorite Book

I have to admit that the last few books have been bedtime stories. My kids have fallen in love with ¨Miss Giggle belly is coming for Tea¨. I make funny voices and they just roll on the floor from the laugh. Even my 8 yr old who typically does not like book to be repeated enjoys it! And they get under my skins and I can’t help but read whatever they want.

On a more grown up note I just finish reading an Elizabeth Hilts book ¨Manual for the perfect bitch at work¨, I know that you might be thinking and hope not to get judge but I’m tired of being walked over. You know what I mean, at every job or place or school, one is always lucky to find some woman who´s whole purpose in life is to f...k with you, they talk about you to your bosses, they want your position (not knowing how u got there), it’s like Kat Williams says ¨it’s something about you that just fucks with their system¨ and your job is to let them hate, but my philosophy is not to allow them to walk over me… Since I´m a supervisor I (or we supervisors) often have more crap to go thru. Luckily I now work with more men than women but the occasional B.I.T.C.H always comes along. And with all honestly I´m too old for that, God wouldn’t like for me to just sit and let her get her way.

I´m also reading the new Steve Harvey book because my doctor says that I need to be a little bit more detaching…you go figure!

Aide ;)

Smile… is free!


  1. I find myself reading "Mr. Brown can Moo, Can You?" a LOT! LOL
    I might have to read the bitch manual...that sounds like good stuff!

  2. Thank you for your comment and thoughts on my post about abortion. I like to hear all view points. :) I love your blog and your littles are adorable!

  3. I have never heard of all of these books. The Elizabeth Hilts book sounds good tho :)

  4. LOL at the title. Sounds like it would be a great book to read especially if you need to be able to stand your ground


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