August 22, 2011

21 day about

Okey, as I have stated before I hate cooking, dont like it not one bit.
Now that we have that clear, my mind is blanked the moment I try to think of a recipe. I´m gonna share my hubby´s rice and beans recipe called Gallo Pinto. This recipe is from Nicaragua and it´s very simple to make and really yummy.

It works best if you have white rice left over from the day before (meaning a day old). It has to be properly stored since its not supposed to have gone bad just last night rice would do. Grab a can of black beans, some onions, white cheese and a little bit of seasoning.

Stir fry the onions, add the beans and the seasoning just enough to give the beans some of your own flavor, pour some water in the can were the beans where, about half the can and pour it in the pan, after a few minutes, not too many minutes you dont want the mixture to dry up, add the rice and stirr until its all mix with the beans. Serve hot with some slices of cheese, yum!

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