August 09, 2011

Something I hate....uhm

If I was a good and nice girl I would say that I dont hate anything or no one because everyone is a child of God and I shouldnt hate anything or no one... I have to say I dont personally hate anyone, I just happen to dislike some folks...

But I would be nice since this 30 days are about me and not people who from time to time piss me off.

I HATE (notice the capital letters) when people take it upon themselves to try my food...yeap and you know what I mean! Some folks just grap their fork, spoon or their nasty fingers and pick from your plate without permission...Hey you dont know if i was going to eat that and most importantly I dont know if you wash your hands today?

It is not cute, funny or anything else for you to pick on my plate...No its not! That is seriously my pet peeve...Other than that I´m pretty ok with most things...

Aide ;)

Smile… is free!


  1. now you have me worried!! i do this to my husband all the time, i've never asked to have a bite of his food. i think i'll ask next time :)

  2. Ugh me too, it's rude. It's not that I mind sharing but at least ask and let me say okay and don't put your already licked off fork in my food, let me give you a piece for all that is holy.

  3. You know, I've never had anyone do that. I would probably freak out if someone did. My hubby doesn't even do it. I've offered him a bite of my food at a restaurant if he got something different than me and vice versa...

    Stopping by via 30 days...

  4. I don't like that general. I do it to my best friend all the time tho to bug him LOL


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