August 08, 2011

Favorite picture

Well! :( just realized that I missed yesterday´s post (sorry was out and about with hubby, alone NO kids, and folks it had a been a reall long time since that) but I am back!

My favorite this one!

I took this picture of my brother and his wife when they were expecting my nephew Jacob. They are such a happy couple and they are so in love...I took this picture in a time in which i was going thru some rough spots in my life and they just gave me so much hope.

I look back at this picture and it brings me back so many sad memories that are quickly erase by the love that they reflect...just off a simple picture.

Aide ;)

Smile… is free! 


  1. Thanks for stopping by! Beautiful picture!

    Mom On Caffeine

  2. What a sweet picture! :)


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