August 20, 2011

Day 19 something I´m good at...

There is the obvious photography ( i dont claim being good at it, but i do claim loving it!). But besides that I´m good at story telling. I make up the craziest stories to my kids or any other kids that i know. My 8yr old loves stories and we had read all the books we had at home (age appropiate books, wink wink!) and i had a light buld moment and started to make up stories for her.

I told her about the most beautiful girl in the whole world who didnt like to eat (she is a picky eater) and her mom made her the most delicious food ever...but before she knew what mom had cooked she said ¨mommy i dont want to eat that!.¨ ¨Honey but you dont even know what I´m cooking, why dont you wait first and then say that you dont like it?¨the mom replied.
¨No I´m sure I wont like it! I´m very sure.¨ she said. ¨ Well you need to try it any way¨. When the girl tried to food she not only liked it she asks for seconds, uhm yummy. The mom told the girl that from that moment on she must first try things out before rejeting them. The girl agreed and she lived happily ever after... the end.

After this one I´ve made so many other ones always based on stuff that happens in our daily life, i still read to her but she likes my made up stories and whenever i´m really exhausted they save me from having to read...

Aide ;)
Smile… it´s free!

ps: story protected by copyright laws, soon to be available in hardcover.

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