August 08, 2011

Sex...uhm uhm uhm!

So as you all know I´m involved on this 30 days about me thingy and was determined to write only about me...well the sex subject is about ME. And on the Mrs. T Naturally blog there is a blog challenge in which she challenges her readers-bloggers to write about sex, and here I go!

As we all know us women before and after we get married are looked at wrong, funny, weird whenever we start talking about sex.

It doenst matter if we are married or not, if we are talking cleaninly about our marital sex life (without giving details) or not, either way we are looked at ¨funny¨. Even when we enter a department store to buy ¨lingiere¨ people (specially women) look at us as if we were buying that to use it with other people other than our if we were whore´s, there I said it! Euff, that felt good.

Society and some churches (so says my hubby) has portrait sex as something prohibited and bad that we dont even want to call it sex. And lets face it and call things by their names: that is what it was before we got married (for those of us who had pre marital sex), after we got married (before the kiddies came along) and it should be good old sex after the kids, the wedding, the house, the get the point.

I remember reading and seeing pictures at how back in the days women couldnt even move during sex, they were covered from head to toe and there was a hole in the sheets right were they´re husband would penetrate and this made me so sad...women should not have to hold themselves back when it comes to sex (as long as they are doing it with their husbands and only with their husbands, that is), we should not be looked at funny when we buy sexy lingerie, body lotions, condoms, gels, vibrators, or anything else that we are going to exclusively enjoy with our husbands. There was a time in which even if a woman moved to much in bed she was a b...h, she couldnt try to do any different positions and-or even ask for her husband to bring her to climax before rolling over on this back. A time in whic misionary was probably the only position a house wife could try.

Back then only bad girls had fun, Now a days married women want to have fun!

Married is not just about how hectic our everyday lives are or precious our kids are (which they are) its also about some pleasures we get to enjoy (like sex and chocolates) which should be ok and we should not be ashamed of... if it was a sin to enjoy our bodies then God wouldnt have not given it to us (he doesnt do anything wrong).

Just like its our duty (not really its a pleasure) to be with our husbands and have sex (note: not make love, just sex) its also their pleasure to please us. And although props are not mandatory some pumps and a corset has never hurt anyone...

Good girl
Not so good girl

Aide ;)
Smile… is free! 

Ps: photos courtesy of Stirred, Straight Up, with a Twist.

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