January 30, 2010

let me write it for you

I got home from work and the chaos began. Homework needed to be done. Dinner needed to be done. My 5 month old was hungry (who knows why), my 15 month old needed mommies attention and the 6yr old had to do homework and was worried about dinner ( she is a picky eater).

Nothing new. Sufise to say this is what happens at me house everynight.

My 6 year old, Brithanie, gets ups and asks "mommy when are you going to be sckinie?"

"Uhm?!" I could not understand what she was trying to tell me. I ask her 4 times what she meant. I tought it was something homework related, something that had happen earlier at school or at after school.

"Let me write it down for you, mommie" she says while I keep preparing dinner. Time keeps running you know.

She comes back to me with a half sheet from her notebook that reads "sckinie".

"What does that say, bibi?"

"It says sskyniee, mommie. When are you going to be skinny like me again?"

I could have died in that moment and not even noticed!!
Why in the world was my 6yr old worried on whether I was skinny or fat. Granted I'm over weight but i just had 2 babies back to back!! Can someone cut a girl some slack?!

I looked at her and laugh. I explained to her that mommy just had a baby and that it will take a looonnnggg time for mommy to lose the baby weight. To which she replaied " yeah mommy but you dont have another baby in there, do you?"