March 11, 2010

Blogging failure

I'm officially a blogging failure!
I have given Nablopomo 2 tries and I just cant do it. I cant stick to the daily blogging thing. Call me lazy or super busy but I just can't.

And I have tried. I have a mini personal laptop that I could take with me eveywhere. I have a HTC pro touch 2 phone which I could use to update my blogs but I still cannot find the time to do my blogging. and dont get me wrong I like writing. I just dont think I need t write everyday.

I guess doing this makes you a better writer and helps with writer's block. But in my particular case I like to have something meaningful to write about and not just anything that comes up to mind.

I have so much to write about everyday. My kids always share something funny and my co-workers always go through stressfull situations.
There are so many funny situations and things that I encounter that material to write about is not the problem. I just cant seem to make time to write.

Writing to me is a venting method and some days I've seem to have vented before I even get to a PC.
To me writing is my way to letting out some of my daily stress. Is an outlet for all the negative energy that gets dump on my every day.
And as of today I have made it my resolution to write only when I want to. I'll not be a slavve of having to write everyday to get a batch or to be a good writer. I could be a good writer and write only what I want to write.

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