September 13, 2011

Weight loss here I come...

So i´ve decided to follow a fellow blogger who is determined to lose some weight before she is 30 years old. Believe it or not I will soon be 30... I know its awesome! (no not really), and I want to get rid of some weight that i have been packing for a while now.

I found this blog called Escape from Obesity and they have this Habit a week program where you let go of one bad habit at the time. The first week is about increasing your water intake. As we all know most of us dont drink the amount of water that our body needs in a daily basis.

So gather up your water bottle, put away the juices and sodas (and other junk we often drink) and join me as i give my life a 180 turn!

Aide ;)
Smile… it´s free!

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