August 14, 2009

ahh moment!!

Ah children! I have 2 girls. A 6yrs old and a 10 month old. I'm also pregnant with our 3rd child a baby boy. I'm about 37 weeks pregnant now. I know we didn't wait! Well the other day I was having lot's of back pressure and some contractions. I left work and went home to relax and ease off my back pain. Since I got home early my hubby asks me if something was wrong and of course I tell him that I don't feel well. My 6yr old is such a sweet kid. She looks at me in the bed tossing and turning and says "mami, do you want me to call the doctor". "You know what, let me get the phone. I'm going to call the doctor and tell him that you don't feel well" she continues. I, of course, feel moved by this act of love. Being that my hubby didn't even moved from the sofa he was sitting on when I walk in. I felt like WOW at least someone cares. You know how it is when you are pregnant (for the woman) you get those "oh I'M SO PREGNANT" moments. I explain to her that mommy was OK and that it was not time for the baby to arrive. You will think she will drop it and let it be. Well to my surprise she keeps insisting. "mami you need to go to the doctor. You are not OK. What is the doctor's phone number, I'll dial it just like you call when I'm sick" she says. Oh my god! My heart just melted. She was so worried that mommy was in pain and that she was not OK that she was willing to call the doctor. Now tell me that is not sweet. You see, I don't want you to think that I'm one of those sucker mommies that goes ah! for every little thing their kid does. But come on, the kid was really worried. Remember she is only 6 and instead of going back to watching cartoons she stays by the bathroom door while I take a shower to make sure I'm ok. She then goes with me and lays in bed until I felt better. Now how many kids do you know that will do something like that. Not many! I guess it is true what they say "If you raise your kid with kindness, he or she will be kind to other's" including you!!!

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