August 14, 2009

her boobies are bigger

As you probably know by now, I'm a heavy set woman. Thankfully I'm well proportioned and have weight in all the right places. That of course includes my breast. I'll say I have more than most and I'm happy with them. About a month ago I was shopping with my daughter. We like to shop in this particular chain store and we use the self check out lane. I just think is convinient with children because this way the cashier doent give you the dirty look when you take long getting your wallet out to pay or when your child's starts to nag. I had some issues with the scanner and one of the clerks came to my aid. Well it so happen's she was an older lady, around her 50's. As you well know stuff start hanging way before then. She was not the exception. I have to tell you her boobs were HUGE. And for a woman my size to say that someone's boobs are big, trust me they have to be BIG. They must have been twice my size and I'm a 40 DD. So go ahead and picture it!! They were big. She had one of those pointy bras that fall down and make your breast look like a snow cone. And don't get me wrong I'm not discriminating. I don't personaly like those bras, they just don't look good on me but some people do like them, and that is fine. I have to tell you that I was surprise and still staring at her boobs when my daugther brought me back when she said "mommy her boobies are bigger than yours!!" Oh! the earth could have just opened and swallow me!? You just don't know. They lady was right there when she said that. She just finished what she was doing and walked away without saying a word. And I, embarrassed like you could only imagine, hurried up and finished paying and left the store in a rush.

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