August 13, 2009

the not so pretty woman...

I'm sure most of you, if not all, watch TV and feel the pressure of having a stereotype-ideal-perfect body. I'm sure everyone at one point in their lives wished they have that divine perfect body. Taller, maybe just a few extra inches just to feel better about yourself. Longer hair, maybe just a few inches also to feel better you know like the model of the Victoria Secret commercials who move their hair and it looks so shiny and sexy. Slimmer, maybe just a few less pounds or a few extra pounds just to complement the rest of you. Maybe less from the hips and more in the tush. Perhaps less thighs and more breasts; or maybe more tone arms and abs. Oh yeah, definitely toned abs. Something similar to what you had before that pretty baby was born. And of course if we could take an eraser and erase those motherly stretch marks from the different parts of our bodies "life would be better". How about wrinkles. Yep, those not so nice lines we get in out face and neck specially under and around our eyes. Those things we can't get rid off no matter how expensive the cream might be. Those nasty lines that makes us afraid of asking "how old do you think I'm?" Well I was one of those skinny wanna be women for a very Long time until i realize that i could not hold my life back thinking on how nice it will be if had that body. Why? Simple.I'm no longer that woman. Now I'm the other woman. The one I choose to be. The mom. the wife. The com penetration of those two women together. That's what makes me a better person. The woman who made his day when he heard "we are going to have a baby". The woman who when the day arrived gave what she didn't have to push that baby out and bring him to this world. The same woman who even though she was in A LOT OF PAIN she still found words of love to calm him down because he was going crazy not knowing exactly what to do now that the baby was here. The woman who gets ups early to make sure the baby is ready for school or daycare, on time. The same one who is not at ease if her partner leaves to work on an empty stomach no matter how much he pissed her off the night before. The same one that when driving with the hubby reminds him over and over to "please put on your seat belt" and not because your expecting something bad to happen but because in case it does you want to make sure he has a chance of living. The woman who will stay up all night if her baby is sick, just to try to comfort her and ease her pain and kiss her bu-bu good bye. The same one who will wake up in the middle of the night to give him medicine because he caught the baby's flu and after all he's also your baby. The one who will forget she has to eat thanks to focusing on making sure the baby eats the veggies and they don't end up on the floor, who we all know doesn't need the vitamins they have. The same one who will prepare all kind of different recipes until she discover what type of food her man likes since she still doesn't know despite the fact you've asked a thousands times. The woman who doesn't enjoy the beach because she is more worry that their skin will get a sun burn. I choose to be that woman. And not the one that cares about the other useless crap. Don't get me wrong I care about my appearance. In fact I'm very conceited. I put on makeup everyday. I get my hair done and put on cream and sunblock before I leave my house. But I'm not obsessed. I've learned to be happy the way I'm. I've learned to live happy in the body I have, the one he loves and caresses. I've learned to accept the woman he met and felt in love with and enjoy all that lives got to give!!

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