August 13, 2009

Fairy tale man

Some women spend their entire childhood dreaming about princesses and how they meet their prince and live happily ever after.
I'm one of the weird ones, I was never like. Even now as an adult, I've been engaged for a few months now and think of my wedding day but not in the way that other women do.
Don't get me wrong I WANT TO GET MARRIED! I love the guy. I describe him as my other half. The man I argue with in a daily basis, the one that makes me get upset like no one else can. And when it comes to our wedding day I envision it as a beautiful sunny day in Spring in which we will both bow to love each other and be there no matter how much we get on each other's nerves.
I'm just against the whole HAPPILY EVER AFTER thing.
I'm sorry but that is just some crazy thing someone invented to make women believe that if their man is not perfect like the ones on TV then there is something wrong with him.
I realize that the other night while watching the movie Obsessed. There's a scene in which the husband sends her flowers because is Monday and that is something he has done for the past 3 years. For a moment I thought that is so sweet and I wanted to ask Ben why he is not like that with me.
Luckily I stop myself.
After careful thinking I realized I don't need him to be like that for me to be happy. Different men have different ways of expressing their love. Mines might not send me flowers every Monday but he has other qualities that sometimes get over looked like the fact that he listens to me. Unlike many men who don't hear a bit of what their woman says mines pays a lot of attention to the things I say. So much that sometimes I say stuff I forgot I said and wish I would have never said.
to give you a quick example the other night we were watching TV and the commercial for the same movie, Obsessed, came up on TV. We had a friend over and I said "I would love to watch that movie". Now keep in mind he was in the kitchen talking about something else. I could have sworn he had not heard me but 2 nights later he made a quick trip to Walmart and rented the movie. At first I dint even tough about it but as I'm sitting on my desk today trying to keep myself busy I realized that he loves me enough to pay attention to what I say and get it for me. Now you are going to tell me that is not a man who cares about his woman!
Think about it. I didn't had to tell him to get it for me, he just did. And looking back this is not the first time he does this. It's just the first time I took the time to notice.
He has his flaws but he is sweet as well.
I just honestly think that we spend too much time fantasizing with the charming prince in knight and armor that will come through our door and sweep us off our feet's. Don't get me wrong and think I'm a sour person. There are women out there that who find this magic prince and have a fairy tale wedding and a fairy tale live but there are also other woman (like me) who do not dream on the fairy tale wedding and who do not feel that the perfect man is the one that never does something wrong.
I like the man that makes me feel alive. The one I argue with because he leaves things out of place. The same one that I miss when he is not home leaving stuff out of place. The real man.
The one that most of us have and don't appreciate because we are always dreaming about how good our lives will be if we had a man like_________.
All I'm saying is that is time to wake up and start seeing the good we have in front of us. That one we overlook in a daily basis. That same one we wish to have once their gone.
Fairytale stories are good for little girls to keep them away from the harsh world but when it comes to us real women we need to wake up and smell the often taken for granted awesome man that lays in bed next to us every night, the one that does silly things and that although he doesn't have a shinning armor he sweeps us off our feet.

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